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It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

I know all of you are well aware of the dangers of taking your dog in the car during hot weather, but what temperature is “too hot” to leave your dog in the car would likely surprise you. Seventy degrees. When it is 75 degrees, it feels like 118; 77 degrees is like 123 degrees; 81 degrees is like 138; 90 degrees feels like 143 degrees; 94 degrees feels like 145. Here is a great demonstration from PETA.

A Leash Above will not walk dogs in temperature extremes. What is extreme is going to differ between dog breeds and tolerances of your own dog. Some dogs become conditioned to walk with their owners during the hottest parts of the day, but if this is not done on a regular basis, it is not a good idea for me to do this. If a walk is scheduled during the hotter times of the day, the dog must walk on the grass or in an area that is 100% shady on the asphalt. Sometimes the walking trails throughout The Woodlands can accomplish this and sometimes not. The test I used as a standard to determine if it is too hot is putting the back of my hand firmly on the asphalt for 7 seconds. If it is hot for me, your dog’s paws will feel the same way and could burn. When the asphalt is 125 degrees, skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds. The air temperature only has to be 77 degrees for that to occur. An egg can fry in 5 minutes at an asphalt temperature of 131 (air temperature near 86 degrees). When the air is just 87 degrees, the asphalt temperature can be 143 degrees. Pets with yards can be exercised very well there instead of the usual walk. Pets in apartments for midday visits will be walked in safe areas on grass as can be accomplished.

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