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April is Pet First-Aid Awareness Month

Pet First Aid Awareness, A Leash Above, pet sitting, The Woodlands, Imperial Oaks, Oak Ridge North, The most crucial component to this is “Be Aware.” You want to know how to handle an emergency before the emergency occurs. Here are some tips for you from the American Red Cross to keep your pets safe and healthy as we head into spring and summer. Some common pet accidents include toxic ingestion, dog bites, high-rise syndrome, ripped toenails, foreign body ingestions with gastrointestinal problems, eye emergencies, broken bones, trouble giving birth and being hit by a car. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), 25 percent more pets would survive if just one pet first-aid technique were applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care.

Heat Stroke: Something we all must pay close attention to here in Texas. Signs include heavy panting and being unable to calm down (even when lying down). Your pet’s gums may be brick red. They may have a fast pulse rate or may not be able to get up. What to do: Take your pet’s temperature rectally. If the temperature is above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, cool your pet down. The easiest way is using a water hose. Stop cooling your pet when the temperature reaches 103 degrees. Bring the pet to the vet immediately as heat stroke can lead to severe organ dysfunction and damage.

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Other Hazards: Open doors and windows can be hazardous to a pet. They may try to get outside, increasing the risk of falling from windows or being hit by a vehicle. Some plants and flowers can be hazardous (see my blog from March for a comprehensive list of poisons).

Choking:  Here is a great video on how to help your pet if they are choking:

CPR:  Equally important is knowing how to perform CPR:

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