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And So It Begins

The web site is up and this is my first blog post for my new business, A Leash Above. It is so surreal. I’ve taken all the right steps to ensure I set up this business the correct way — insurance, bonding, professional pet sitting membership. People will be putting a great amount of trust in me and I intend to rise to that challenge. I look forward to what each encounter will teach me along the way.

Growing up in a culture where the client is always right will help ensure I have a strong code of professional ethics. I was also taught that to win over hearts and minds you must work hard to earn and keep that trust, to go the extra mile, to stand out. When it is time to add employees, my previous employer stands out on how to approach that the right way, to take care of your employees as you would family.

There are many people who I need to thank. Stephen Mott, my web designer and friend, who put a lot of time and effort into the site to make it look professional and user friendly. To Kelly for helping make the company’s logo. To the “malcontents” (inside joke) who are a constant source of love and support. To Frith who helped me edit some of my thoughts so you wouldn’t read 3 pages of my life. To the many friends and family members who gave me feedback during a first look at the site before it went live. And to my immediate family–my exceptional son with autism who inspires me every day and my amazing husband who has given me tremendous support in pursuing something I love.

The official launch date is August 15, 2012–a new chapter in my life begins.

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