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Maddie’s Best Christmas

My sweet Maddie, rest in peace, finally mastered a grand feat. After many Christmases, we taught her to find her present. On this particular Christmas, I got four identical boxes. In all of them, I put a t-shirt with my husband’s scent on it. In one of them, was a vacuum-sealed package of tennis balls for her. I wrapped them in identical paper. It took her a few directions to snap to it. My husband was using aluminum foil in the kitchen and the sound of it threw off her concentration (so you hear my yelling to my husband in the kitchen). Not only does she find the right box, but she unwraps it, gets her nose into the box to get her present out, and then takes it to her lair (the chair). Enjoy!!!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Baby

Happy 6th Birthday Baby Girl! It was 6 short years ago that we first fell in love with you.


She loved her monkey

It was nice to have a puppy around again. She was a sponge, learning quickly.


After a swim

She always approached my son, Patrick, very cautiously (he has severe autism). Patrick is a rock star to her.


Can you read me a story?

She loved our hot tub (don’t worry, it wasn’t really hot–it was the same temperature as the pool):


Hot tub hottie

She loved her time with Santa.


Santa Paws

So today I am thanking the universe for bringing her to me.  Tonight, the cake is an extra special creation from Barker Street:  A cake with yogurt ganache.


Remembering All Our Soldiers

A Leash Above would like to take this opportunity to remember all the men and women who died to protect the freedoms we are enjoying on this Memorial Day. Please let us also remember the dogs who were soldiers side by side with these service men and women. Thank you and we remember you on this day.